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Spring 2018–Spiritual and Mystical Theology

Session 1:Grace

NCSU LYFE Spring 2018–Grace.pptx

Class audio


Session 2: Our Work in Prayer: Prayer and Human Psychology

NCSU LYFE Spring 2018–Psychology and the Spiritual Life

Class Audio

Additional Resources on Temperaments

Conrad Hock The Four Temperaments and the Spiritual Life

Temperament Test

Session 3: The Stages of the Interior Life and Prayer

NCSU LYFE Spring 2018–Levels of Prayer

Class Audio

Additional Resources on Mental Prayer

St. Alphonsus Liguori on Mental Prayer

Session 4: Praying with Sacred Scripture

Audio not available

NCSU LYFE Spring 2018–Sacred Scripture and Prayer

Session 5: Penance and Mortification



Cardinal Mercier’s Mortification Plan

Session 6: The Seven Deadly Sins and Predominant Fault


NCSU LYFE Spring 2018–Seven Deadly Sins

Librovox recordings of St. Therese

Session 7: Spiritual Warfare


NCSU LYFE Spring 2018–Spiritual Warfare

Session 8: Infused and Theological Virtues


NCSU LYFE Spring 2018–Theological and Infused Virtues

Session 9: Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit


NCSU LYFE Spring 2018–Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Session 10: Discernment


NCSU LYFE Spring 2018–Discernment

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